Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop

Reveals How To Prevent Falls And Improve Your Balance.

"Do you, or do you know someone, who has difficulty with balance when standing or walking? If so this workshop is for you."

  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Has your walking become more difficult?
  • Has your balance become more unsteady?
  • Do you need to hold on to furniture when you walk about your home?
  • Do you avoid going out of the house whenever possible?
  • Have you become more reliant on family members, often making you feel guilty about being a burden?
  • Are you no longer able to enjoy life (go out with family/friends, take vacation, etc.)?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions (or have a stubborn spouse or parent who is in denial) - the Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop may be a life changing (and possibly life saving) event for you.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: RESTORE Physical Therapy
Crispin Square Shopping Center
230 N. Maple Ave., Ste B-10
Marlton, NJ

RESTORE specializes in helping people with balance problems identify risk factors and improves balance and mobility.

The class is limited to 20 people.

Sign up by calling 856-396-8131 or by clicking below.

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