Direct Access

Get treated sooner and recover quicker;

Direct Access saves both time and money (Click here for details) by allowing you to see a physical therapist at RESTORE Physical Therapy without a prescription from your physician. Most health insurance companies pay for physical therapy utilizing Direct Access.

Return to a healthy active life faster with Direct Access;

At RESTORE Physical Therapy, our well-qualified physical therapists will evaluate and assess your condition, develop you a personalized physical therapy plan and begin the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Healthcare Referrals:

Our physical therapists at RESTORE work along side and have developed close relationships with many of the top health care professionals throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia region. If you have a question of which specialist is best for your current condition, our physical therapists will refer you to a healthcare professional that they trust will provide you with the highest quality of care.

At RESTORE, our goal is to return you to a healthy and active life as soon as possible.