I am walking proof of how good you are!

"I had to write this letter to let you know how much you have helped me to get my 'life' back. I can’t believe how much better I feel after 8 weeks of rehab with RESTORE.

As you know, my back was in bad shape when I came to see you. I know the 2 epidurals that I had helped to reduce the pain and allow me to attempt physical therapy, but it was you that made the ultimate difference in my physical change. Prior to coming to you, I could not walk more than 50 yards at best. I couldn’t sit or stand for any extended period of time, and, finding a comfortable sleeping position was difficult.

It is now approximately 2 weeks since I have finished my physical therapy with RESTORE and I wanted to tell you that I took a plane to Florida and immediately drove a car another 1.5 hours with no pain at all in my leg or back. Also, I was able to walk as far as I wanted on the beach. I would have never thought that my back would be pain free this quickly.

You are a well qualified and knowledgeable therapist. Because of you, I know that I have a far greater chance of long term success with my herniated disk. Your positive attitude and encouragement kept me going whenever I was there under your care. I will continue to recommend you to anyone that needs physical therapy. I am walking proof of how good you are!"

K.D. - Moorestown

Thank you so much...

"Thank you so much for everything over the past few months. I truly can't express how grateful I am for all the knowledge, advice, and, of course, humor you've provided and shared with me. It's a tribute to you, as a person, that I succeeded and progressed as successfully as I did, and absolutely loved every second I spent with you in RESTORE.."

J.I. - Moorestown

I appreciate all you have done...

"It is hard to find words to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me these last few months. Your encouragement and guidance have helped so much in rehabbing my knee as well as my ankle. It is has been a very special and rewarding experience for me, and I think I am ready to move on to a more active lifestyle. I feel very fortunate to have been placed in your care after surgery and I will always be grateful to you."

S.B. - Mount Laurel

RESTORE Physical Therapy is a very professional facility...

"Thank you so all so much for a very enjoyable rehab. PT is not always a fun thing to go through, but you guys made it a positive experience.

RESTORE Physical Therapy is a very professional facility that provides PT the right way. You explain things to help us understand and you make sure we put in the proper time and effort. Needless to say, I will refer as many patients as I can to you. Keep up the great work."

G.K. - Marlton

We asked our patients: If you were to tell another about our service what would you tell them?

"Very helpful and knowledgeable about specific treatments for your problem."

"That I am running again because of you, where others have told me to give it up."

"The environment is comfortable and the staff is great."

"Professional, understanding, cares about your getting well, with you every step of the way. Listens to your concerns and addresses them. Their ultimate goal is to get you to where you need to be to become the person you were before the issue at hand or even better."

"An operation with a small town touch, but with a tremendous amount of knowledge about their business."

"If you want people to help you who actually care about you, then you should use RESTORE for your rehabilitation."

"Don't go anywhere else. They really do care about your condition and will work with you until you get better. Nice people from the receptionist to the physical therapists."

"I would highly recommend your services.... Plus, it's convenient to get to and to park."