Orthotic Fitting and Fabrication

Our therapist has been involved in the fitting and fabrication of temporary orthotics since 1993. Orthotics may be indicated for patients with plantar fascitis, neuromas, shin splints, patellofemoral dysfunction, tendonitis of the foot, ankle, knee or hip and for patients who have pain with walking in the legs, hips or lower back regions.

A comprehensive evaluation will be performed including an analysis of the patient's gait. From the findings our therapist will apply the posting to help correct the biomechanical dysfunction thus diminishing the abnormal stresses to the involved areas. This will decrease or eliminate one’s pain thus allowing optimum healing to speed up recovery.

What did a patient have to say about our services?

"The custom orthotics you made to correct my flat footedness are invaluable. I only use them while doing aerobics and running errands after this work out class, but they have proved to be enough to allow me to wear regular shoes at other times and be pain free." - C.R.