Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our body's vestibular system is located within the inner ear and plays an important role in our ability to participate in daily activities. This system not only allows us to make postural adjustments but also allows us to maintain our balance when we change from lying or sitting positions or when we are walking on different types of surfaces. Disruption of the vestibular system can result in disabling symptoms such as loss of balance and dizziness. These particular symptoms significantly increase a person's risk for falls and injury. It is important that these symptoms be treated to prevent injury and return you to a functional active life.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy:

RESTORE Physical Therapy offers a Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) program to patients who present with vestibular disorder symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo. VRT uses specific exercises to help eliminate or reduce the severity of vestibular symptoms. Our vestibular trained physical therapists will perform a thorough evaluation and develop an individualized exercise program that is appropriate to treat your specific symptoms and restore your ability to participate in all prior daily activities.

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