Headaches and Temporomandibular Disorders

Cervical (neck) pain and temporomandibular (jaw) disorders prevalence generally increases in frequency and intensity with age up to the fifth decade. These disorders are more common in women verses men and 5 to 8% of the US population visit health care professionals for persistent and severe pain. Many times headaches may be associated when an individual has an underlying cervical spine or temporomandibular disorder.

At RESTORE Physical Therapy, an individual with persistent headaches, neck pain or jaw/facial pain will have a screening evaluation to determine the source of the pain. Following the evaluation recommendations will be made to assist the patient in managing their symptoms. Some of these recommendations may consist of correction of posture, ergonomic adaptations and specific exercises to diminish or alleviate the pain. Manual therapy may also be performed by experienced physical therapists to effectively reduce pain, restore function and prevent reoccurrences. If further evaluation is needed, we can also make an appropriate referral to other health care providers for comprehensive management.

At RESTORE, our mission is: To empower people to live healthy and active lives.