Fitness Training


  • Do you want to start working out, but you are not sure how to begin?
  • Do you feel you or your child is working hard at the gym or in your own home and not seeing results?
  • Do you want a workout tailored to your individual needs?
  • Are you or your child constantly having nagging injuries that interfere with training or everyday life?
  • Do you want to gain a fitness edge that training alone cannot provide?

Many exercise or training programs do not focus on getting the individual to reach their full potential. What helps one athlete or weekend warrior is not specifically going to help you because your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances are unique.

Younger athletes trying to better themselves are being put through exercise programs either by coaches or trainers that are not designed specific to each player’s individual needs. When this happens, one does not benefit as greatly from the hard work that they put in, and they are at a greater risk of injuring themselves.

With a busy week you don’t want to spend excess time on exercises that your body doesn’t need.

We realize that to function properly, a person must have full range of motion, they must be able to control these motions, and only then are we able to strengthen them. At RESTORE, we will develop an exercise program specifically for you. You will be able to go to the gym or work out in your own home, perform the key exercises your body needs, not waste your time on exercises that it doesn’t, stay injury-free, and see the results from your workout in your everyday life.

With the Functional Movement System (FMS), we are able to screen an individual through a series of movements. The screening is able to determine fundamental weaknesses and asymmetries/imbalances that can put a person at a higher risk of injury and decrease overall performance. Once the screen is complete, we are able to prescribe corrective exercises that are tailored to the individual’s needs.

When a program like this is put in place, weaknesses are strengthened and imbalances are evened out. This results in a decreased risk of injury, and an ability to perform at your maximum potential and empowers you to live a healthy and active life.